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Maths Samurai

Personalised tutoring is available to clients in a variety of forms. Such as:

1 on 1

$80 per hour

Tutoring with 1 student.

2 on 1

$100 per hour

Tutoring with 2 students.

Group Cramming

$40 per hour per student
(Minimum of 3 students)

Personalised Group tutoring.
Perfect for cramming a whole terms worth of work in 4 hours.

Maths can be delivered from Kindergarten through to Year 12 Maths C

Please enquire in order to organise a suitable time.

I will drive to any location located within a 20km radius of Southport as part of the cost for tutoring.

If you need to cancel a booking, 24 hours’ notice needs to be given. Otherwise you are liable for the costs of the session.

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